1. Some people worthy of me melt, but it seems that now is not the time

2. 爱就是把某个人看得比你自己重要。

3. 必要的时候,请学会放手。

4. yes, I think she is the most kind-hearted people, isn"t it?

5. And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast;思想化为结晶如一阵冰风

6. 拜托,离我远点儿。

7. My power flurries through the air into the ground;我的力量激荡空气深入地下

8. I don"t care what they"re going to say;我不在乎他们会怎样说

9. I"m never going back, the past is in the past;我不会再回去,过去已成往事

10. To test the limits and break through;试验我的极限和突破

11. Not a footprint to be seen;一个脚印没有

12. 有些人值得我融化,但好像现在不是时候 Some people worthy of me melt, but it seems that now is not the time

13. 你不明白吗?我做不到 Don"t you understand? I can"t make it

14. Couldn"t keep it in, heaven knows I"ve tried;不能再困住我的感情了,只有上天才知逆我已努力过

15. 在迷人的阿伦黛尔,诞生了一位神秘的女王,她天生拥有呼风唤雪的魔力,却被恐惧孤独地包围。魔力被一直隐藏,却终有释放的一天。 in the charming Allen Dale, the birth of a mysterious queen, she was born with a suction

16. to unlock frozen it, please!

17. 我一直都在寻找属于自己的位置。

18. Be the good girl you always have to be;做一个好女孩,一直都要这样

19. Well, now they know;好了,现在他们都知道了

20. 你必须先结束一段不对的感情,才能发现那个最适合你的人。

21. It"s funny how some distance makes everything seem small;可笑的是,距离令所有东西都变得渺小了

22. 你不怕她吗? you are not afraid of her?

23. Don"t let them in, don"t let them see;不让他们走进来,不让他们看到

24. 你是爱莎堆出来的吗?You are Essar out of the heap?

25. Here I stand and here I"ll stay;我就站在这里,我留在这里

26. 每当事情将要变得糟糕时,你总在我身旁。

27. No right, no wrong, no rules for me;没有对错,也没有规则规范我了

28. 但解救冰封的心,只能靠一个发自真爱的行动。

29. 她是我姐姐,她绝对不会伤害我She is my sister, she would never hurt me

30. Here I stand in the light of day;我就站在日光之下

31. The cold never bothered me anyway;寒冷再也不能烦扰我了!

32. 你可真是恐怖 You can be really terror

33. 解开冰封吧,拜托了! to unlock frozen it, please!


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