Today is National Youth Day in China, a celebration of youngsters aged between 14 and 28. It was established by the Chinese government in 1949 to honor the memory of the May Fourth Movement of 1919. As a young person, you may be confused sometimes, but these inspiring messages posted by netizens might help you: "Whoever is on your mind probably just needs your time." "Take pride in how far you've come, and have faith in how far you can go."


  November 11, 1918, 4-year-long continuation of the First World War, Britain, the United States, France and other countries and the victory of Germany, Austria and other countries ended in failure. January 1919, winning Xiediguo held in the Palace of Versailles in Paris peace conference. China, as a victorious nation to attend the meeting. The representative of China at the proposed abolition of privileges in China and foreign countries, abolish the "21" legitimate demands - have been rejected. Japan has decided to take over the meeting in Germany, the various privileges. Sangquanruguo this treaty, the representative of China even prepared to recognize the signature. The news, the anger of the country, Burning with rage. The student-led May 4th Patriotic Movement as volcanic eruptions began in general

  May 4 afternoon, more than 3,000 students in Beijing gathered in front of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, they shouted, "I also Qingdao," "external struggles for sovereignty, in addition traitor" and other slogans, calling on various sectors to take action against imperialist aggression , safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial. This campaign workers and all sectors of the solidarity and support, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places of work have held strikes and demonstrations. People in the country, under pressure from the Northern Government was forced to release the arrested students, and others recall Caorulin the post, and instructions Paris Representatives to the meeting refused to sign the peace treaty.

  May 4 movement is a thorough and uncompromising anti-imperialist patriotic movement. She promoted Marxism with China's labor movement, the combination created a number of preliminary communist ideology intellectuals, for the establishment of the Communist Party of China has done ideologically, cadres, preparations.

  In order to carry forward the May 4th Youth Movement inherited the glorious tradition of 1939, Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Northwest China Youth Federation of Youth May 4th provisions for the China Youth Day. December 23, 1949, the Chinese People's Government Cabinet official: May 4th Youth Day in China.


  YouthDay(青年节) in the People's Republicof China is on May 4.It was established in December 1949 by the Government Administration Council to commemorate the beginning of the May Fourth Movement in 1919. This day is knownas May Fourth Movement, Chinese intellectual revolution and sociopolitical reform movement(1917–21)。 In 1915 young intellectuals inspired by Chen Duxiu began agitating for the reform and strengthening of Chinese society through acceptance of Western science, democracy,a nd schools of thought, one objective being to make China strong enough to resist Western imperialism. On May 4, 1919, reformist zeal found focus in a protest by Beijing's students against the Versailles Peace Conference's decision to transfer former German concessions in China to Japan. After more than a month of demonstrations,strikes,and boycotts of Japanese goods,the government gav eway and refused to sign the peace treaty with Germany. The movement spurred thes uccessful reorganization of the Nationalist Party and gave birth to the Chinese Communist Party.


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